GalagaRemix2 Performance (2006, 2010)

GalagaRemix2 is a performance using a hacked Jakks Pacific's Namco TV Games - Ms. Pac-Man Collection unit, modified with a simple controller and using a visual score. Special guest performer Robert Lyon.

Introduced in 1981, the Galaga arcade game became a classic alien invasion game for the company Namco. Twenty-eight years into the future, GalagaRemix2 appropriates a recent game pack circuit to create an audio-visual instrument that allows the performer to play with a hacked version of the classic Galaga video game. By manipulating a simple interface, audio-visual artifacts are created over a continuous drone, exploring tonalities of audio-visual noise art. Further audio-visual processing is done with Pure Data.

Hardware hacking or "circuit bending" can refer to the inverting or "bending" of low voltage electronic circuits in order to create musical noise instruments from toys by short circuiting them. GalagaRemix2 explores the glitchy errors that happen when you invert or short-circuit a retro video game in order to create a noisy audio-visual performance extravaganza. With references to circuit bending, hacking and glitching used to create "alien sound effects," video game antics, experimental sound performance, VJ culture and early gaming, GalagaRemix2 colonizes the corporate product and contaminates an arcade game classic.